Slide a More than a headline. Less than an article. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW a The world's most important stories - from crucial election information to the the next big Wall Street deal - in short, simple summaries.

Now, reading the news is as easy as swiping through Tinder.

The average college student's attention span is now down to 9 seconds, same as that of a goldfish.

With the help of AI, our news writers bring you the most important stories in concise, 9-second articles.
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No Bias. No BS.

While you may not realize it, most of the news you're already reading is fraught with inherent bias.

Learn how tl;dr's groundbreaking AI can not only remove bias from the news but tailor your feed to confirm your own personal bias.
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I rarely leave ratings but all I can say is wow. It just simplified the entire news-consumption process for me. Easy 5 stars.
Jason Hill
All my friends who tried the app have said nothing but good things! They absolutely love the simple design and ease of use.
Ethan Ward
FSU Student
I've been looking for an application like this forever. Clean, fluid interface that's very well put-together. It gets rid of all the clutter and noise that's so prevalent today.
Reid Manabat
FSU Student
I love this app. It takes all the news I know I need to know and packages it in easy-to-read summaries. So convenient and simple!
Alex Coffey
FSU Student

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