Welcome to TLDR! 🎉

TLDR is the best way to see the best articles your friends are reading. Here’s a quick walkthrough to give you the lay of the land.

How it works 

TLDR works like any other reading list — just tap the “share button” on an article to save it for later. Except instead of just saving for yourself, you can add it directly to your friends’ lists too.


Save from anywhere 🌎

The easiest way to save to your friends reading lists is via the share button. In your favorite apps like Apple News, Safari, or Twitter, use the share button to save with just a tap.

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Share with anyone 🥂

You can quickly add stuff to your friends reading lists too! Just tap share on anything in your reading list to recommend it to a friend. We'll even let you know when they check it out, so you don't have to ask.

Got a question? Want to give some feedback? TLDR is made by a small team that is always listening. Shoot us a message!